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Plant&Power was established in 1998 during the Asian economic crisis time when most of the companies were winding up due to the financial turbulence. It was formed by a small group of highly experienced personnel who have spent the substantial period of their working life in the offshore oil and gas industry and related petro-chemical industry.

Our Mission

From the outset our expressed objective has been to provide specialized services required for Designing, Engineering, Fabricating, Installing, and servicing HVAC System for Marine, Offshore, Petro-Chemical, Military & Naval installations and Hazardous Duty Applications. HVAC industry was and always is a very special sector in the Oil & Gas and Petro-chemical industries due to the nature of the environmental conditions at different locations at different time of the year. As a result of the same characteristics the industry has been developing gradually with its natural course of internal regulations, standards and codes of practices where the highest of the standards are required and need to be applied. Our combined years of engineering and field experience have provided us the flexibility to provide customized solutions that meet the specific requirements for unique applications in Marine, Naval, Military, Offshore, Oil & Gas industry.

Our Vision

Plant&Power is and will continually strive to achieve its target, objective to keep pace with the continuous development of its products. We are committed to our customers to serve with the quality & innovative system & engineering services they can ever get. We do our best to meet or exceed the stated and implied requirements in terms of quality, functionality, timeliness and costs. We implement a continuously improving, well-defined, documented quality system in order to get their full satisfaction. We also are committed to continue exploring further improvements in delivery of the quality products and services second to none.

We Custom Design & Build HVAC&R System for Marine, Navy, Military, Offshore, Oil & Gas facilities.
We Provide Complete Solution A......Z, From Scratch to your specification!